Thursday, June 29, 2006


Don't you ever see female cabdrivers?

Does this seem like a good argument to its author?
Someone has yet to explain to me how an 18-year-old player (like Oden) could be deemed unworthy of the NBA, yet would be this year's consensus No. 1 overall pick if he were eligible.

It's very simple: If that many GMs are ready to draft a player, he is qualified to be in the NBA. And if a player is drafted, he is by definition "draft-worthy." Age has nothing to do with it.

That someone would be drafted is not evidence that he is qualified to be in the NBA. It is evidence that NBA personnel believe the draftee has the potential to be an NBA player- the more potential the higher your draft slot. The argument advanced is the intellectual equivalent of market fundamentalist reasoning- if a transaction occurs it must be desirable, otherwise it wouldn't have occured. Ignored every time an argument of this ilk is advanced are the stringent requirements placed on the parties involved- to be fully informed, to be an unconstrained actor, etc.

If Superman and Lois Lane had a daughter and she then became pregnant, would childbirth be painful for her? Or is this moot... are Superman's earth children like Mules and Zeedonks?

Did anyone else sign the Rain song last week? You know, "Rain, rain, go away. Come on back some other day!" If not, do you think that might have been the problem?