Wednesday, April 26, 2006

an elaborate procession led by elephants

That's how the Kothapalli sisters will enter their joint Sweet 16/ High School Graduation party. Just wanted to offer this little reminder of how the other half-- of the income/ wealth distribution, NOT the people distribution-- lives.

I must admit to being fascinated. Not by the lives and plots of the overprivileged children one can meet on MTV's Super Sweet 16, but rather by the level of interest evidenced by ratings and buzz. A few years ago, I thought this interest was limited to the stratopherically wealthy- Tommy Hilfiger's kid, Paris Hilton, etc.

I was naive. The gap between the masses and the stratospherically loaded is wide enough that it is difficult to tell the difference between the stratospherically wealthy and those who fall just short of that level of oppulence. Since there's a buck to made there, we can count on being fed the lives of the nearly stratospheric as if they were truly stratospheric. Somehow, this is not a comforting realization.


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