Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who Knew?

Apparently, the Olympics begin soon. Tonight, tomorrow some time, Saturday. I'm not really sure. Is anyone? Also, are they in Turin or Torino? Is that a distinction without a difference?

My disinterest has nothing to do with the much advanced theory that these games, thus far, lack dominant personalities. The games - the competitions themselves- lack intrigue. Yes, there are a few potentially exciting events- skeleton (down the tube, all but naked) or speed skating (the wipe-out potential)- but the excitement flows from failure rather than success. By and large, the Winter Olympics are far too contrived (who ice dances? is there a biathlete left?).

Anyway, this is all an elaborate way of asking a favor. Will someone please let me know when these Olympics are over? Otherwise, I fear I'm so far out of this loop I might believe they're still ongoing come April and May.


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