Sunday, January 16, 2005

He Got Re-Elected! Part 2

In which the President addresses leadership on Social Policy.

In an announcement which shocked only the domestic Anti-Liberty activists, President Bush declared he will not be pushing the anti-gay marriage amendment before Congress. Apparently, sometime after the election, enough Senators convinced the President that 1996's Defense of Marriage Act (or DOMA as it is called by acronymaphiles which permits states to not honor gay marriages recognized by another state) is adequate at present. If/When the courts overturn DOMA (hello interstate commerce clause), the fight may be renewed. Which is a clever approach to law- and constitutional law- making. If something is illegal under current law, amending the laws to make that point all over again is the height of pointless. Even more so in the case of gay marriage than other areas of potentially redundant laws and amendments considering gay marriage is currently legal in no state (Massachusetts is a tough case seeing as how 2003's court decision won't last).

Of course, the President who has staked his name on bold leadership pounded the nation's guts back and forth over this issue from February to December 2004. Come 2005, he has himself a new tune. If gay marriage is an attack on the family, why has the President decided it is politically expedient to not defend the American family?

It's a damn shame no one can be held accountable on this one. I look forward to the Religious Right, or whatever the standard term is for the Anti-Liberty League, raising howls and, temporarily at least, calling the Administration to the carpet on this. You know, just like they've been promising to do as they walked around pounding their chests and acting like kingmakers for the last two months. I'll not be holding my breath- they voted for the bait, they deserve the switch.


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