Friday, December 17, 2004

What the Hell is That?

I'm sitting here, freshly home from work, watching a little ESPN as I ponder dinner. Amid a discussion of the college bowl mess (Auburn got jobbed, but they're hardly alone) they switch to simulating games on EA's NCAA Football 2005.

TNT and ESPN have been doing this type of thing- utilizing video games to demonstrate player abilities- for a few years. But this is different. ESPN- Sportscenter- is highlighting, recapping, analyzing, and box-scoring these simulated games. Poor Kirk Herbstreit is speaking about the games as if they happened. And coaches are being interviewed as if it were a week before pregame interview.

Is it really that slow of a sports news day? Big NBA trade, MLB signings and trades. And this! ESPN and Sportscenter have jumped the shark. End of story.


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