Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Why I Love My Job

Reason # 19

I am mostly happy to report that I have been released from Cubicle hell and have been returned to an office among the general population. My joy in leaving Cubie City is mitigated only by new officemate.

The sole nugget of information from my new employee ethics briefing which has managed to stick in my mind: The number one cause for termination is looking at porn at the office. (Please take a moment to let your head and shoulders bow and sag. I leave the accompanying sigh of disappointment to your discretion.)

My new officemate, however, is quite the clever fellow. Porn searching is among his workday rituals. You may ask, "How does he get away with it?" I would respond, "British Tabloids mostly. Topless women are a regular feature over there apparently."

I would like to append this to a previous post and reaffirm, May That (Also) Never Be Me.


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