Monday, October 18, 2004

Dear Abby, I didn't know the half of it!

I've previously declared myself scared of Abby's write-ins. I spoke to soon. They scare the holy sh*t! out of me. To wit:

DEAR ABBY: I am a mother of two. I recently learned that my 16-year-old daughter, "Rene," is pregnant. When she told me who the father is, I discovered she had been having an affair with my live-in boyfriend, "Leo." It was devastating. I am engaged to marry Leo, and I still love him.

I made Rene move out. I know this seems harsh because she is pregnant, but I feel I can have a good relationship with Leo only if Rene is not around. I don't mean to choose him over her, but Rene is my daughter, and she should have known better.

What do you think I should do? I don't want to disown her. Also, I want to raise Rene's baby as my own, and this infuriates her. Who is wrong? Please give me your insight. -- CONFUSED IN CANADA

DEAR CONFUSED: Please reorganize your priorities. Your duty is to protect your children. Leo is an adult. Your daughter is only 16. Leo has far more experience. Your fiance is a predator who may have pursued you in order to get close to your daughter. You say you have two children. Is the other child a daughter too?

It's time to show your fiance the door and call the police. Rene should stay with you until she's able to complete her education and care for herself and her baby. And Leo should help to financially support the child until it is an adult.

Confused, your boyfriend... excuse me, fiancee, got your minor daughter pregnant and you kick her out? And you want him to stick around? And you want to raise your granddaughter as your own? I don't see why not? You've already shown yourself to be a remarkably capable mother of uncommonly wise judgment and an unerring instinct to protect your offspring.

Now, I don't know. Maybe your daughter is trollop and had this sort of event coming. But your myopia toward Leo is mind altering. Your initial reaction- to treat your daughter as competition rather than a dependent child and rape victim (because that's what's going on here, unless you're engaged to high school junior)- is in line with the worst tales of parenthood. I suspect you're not done providing Rene with material for therapy (assuming she's ever in a position to afford such treatment).

And then there's your other kid- I'm going to presume they're younger (otherwise, they've hopefully successfully fled the nest). After you call the police, please call child protective services- for the sake of both your children. Let them know just how inadequate of a parent you are and beg them to at least take custody of your other child now and start the work toward helping Rene. Away from you and your precious Leo.


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