Wednesday, September 08, 2004

You. or who You seem

There is an old world flair to your hair. That trademark wave as it travels from the top of your head to your ear. Or maybe that's just how I choose to see- illusion as my private fact. Is it natural- a gift?. Meticulously crafted- a graceful visage?.

But the eyes, they do not lie. Do they? Big. Excited. Hungry for happiness. Teaming up with an excitable smile to sell this image. This image of a hip but refined woman. Pulsing with excitement. Yet coolly so. Eternally warm, but no one quite knows it (you hide it in all the right ways). Simultaneously tieing and untieing knots in my guts.

Is it real? Or only in my head? But that hair. Does it say everything? Or nothing?


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