Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Am I Repeating Myself?

I know I've thought this for some time. I know I've said this to friends off and on over the past year. I may have even posted this idea at some point last fall (who knows. I'm lazy).

Each of our daily news shows should re-run the first five minutes of the coverage from that day a year ago. The original idea, which came to me last summer was for latter 2003 to include a recap of latter 2002's news and administration spinning points. With that in mind, playing the first 5 minutes of the days news from 2002, the first 5 minutes the news from 2003, and then today's news strikes me as a fantastic approach. Some website, if not an actual network, should be doing this.

To a very real extent, whatever was reported last year is always at least partially wrong. It is, afterall, based on less history, less knowledge, etc. But to re-air the claims that were made could only help make the political discourse in the present more honest. Are you telling the same story? If not, why have you changed your stance? If you are telling the same story but the underlying facts have changed, why is this not relevant?

It is, on one level, quite shocking to me that in this age of ready access to extensive digital libraries none are deploying these archives to force public figures to embrace coherence.


At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm too lazy to take the three minutes it takes to create a sign in (how sad is that!?!). Anyway, I love this idea. Would it be the first five min. of the news from that specific news station from a year ago, or a common source? Maybe just a quick trip to Lexis Nexis could do the trick if someone wanted to get the headlines/details from a common source from a year ago.


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