Wednesday, July 21, 2004

May I Also Avoid This Fate

The following is the verbatim text from an email I received today under the subject line: Missing

If anyone happened to inadvertently pick up a tube of Arm & Hammer toothpaste from the men's room, I would appreciate its return. Please feel free to leave it in my mailbox outside of room xxxx.
xxxxxx (redacted)
This was sent to approximately 100 people who, mostly, share the same floor as the aggrieved.

Fella, it's freaking toothpaste. I will go across the street to Rite-Aid and buy you a fresh new tube. Inadvertantly picked up? Jimminy! I thought that was my tube of toothpaste! Huh? If this had been something personal- a wedding ring, wallet, anything personal- I would understand. But toothpaste! And mine is a highly respected organization. If the outside world only knew.


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