Thursday, June 10, 2004

whoring at an early age?

I was talking with friends recently about McDonald's new adult happy meal. Of note, it comes with a pedometer (and a premium salad- with salad dressing-, which is, in many ways, worse for you than a Big Mac). It was noted that the pedometer is probably pretty crappy- just like the kids toys in the real happy meals.

The above has been, like much that I do and say, an artifice to get around to what I really want to say. Apologies for the delay...

Which gets me thinking about those kids. You know, the ones in the happy meal commercials. Those toys. They're not any fun to play with. You spend half the life of the toy putting it together and the rest hoping it stays together/ resnapping it/ ignoring it. How can those kids in the commercials be having anywhere near as much fun as the commercial makes it seem? In short, they can't. Not unless those precocious tykes are playing America's youth for fulls, saps, and suckers. And so, I wonder, do you think they're ashamed by themselves? At such a young age they've sold out on truth and honesty to make a buck by misleading other kids. Not cool. Not cool at all.


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