Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Rapture Gets Plowed

Six Feet Under staged the Best. Death. Ever. (although the recap doesn't seem to quite understand why the deceased did what she did) in this week's episode. Embracing the spirit of my Bumper Sticker musings, a devout Christian woman runs into traffic at the sight of bodies floating to the heavens... i.e. The Rapture. Except they were helium filled sex toys not god's chosen ones. Oops. Or, as I said in the earlier post... a bit presumptive on her part, no?

At the bare minimum, the rapture crowd should make the incredibly creepy Rapture Index their homepage. (Should you happen to click through to see the Index, might I also suggest the FAQ, in particular the "How do you plan to maintain this site after the rapture?" question. I do appreciate that the answer is a bit less presumptive than one might initially anticipate.)


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