Thursday, June 17, 2004

A Necessary Start

Today's The New York Times contributes a largely useful article on energy costs. The gist- prices are up and going up and the additional spending can really add up.

But, there's good news. In many ways, very good news. The article discusses several incredibly simple ways to scale back your use of electricity- more efficient light bulbs, clothes washers, and air conditioners for instance. These are all baby steps- things you can do now without any support. Left undiscussed are the options that public policy and concerted engineering efforts could create (for instance, the wasted electricity used to run the insidious clocks in TV's, VCRs, microwaves, etc).

Get on board. Think about little ways you can cut back on your use of electricity.

Update: A summary of the mood piece, a narrow view of price getting in the way, and an interesting, if potentially scary, new angle. Glad to see the New York Times is on-board with something useful, for a change.


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