Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Beer Coasters... That'll solve it?

In an attempt to cut down on adult men having sex with underage girls (you know, that thing that's against the law already), Virginia is going to run some sort of public awareness campaign this summer. On billboards, coasters in bars, napkins, etc the message "Isn't She a Little Young?" will be spread (in smaller print, "Sex with a Minor. Don't Go There"). This definitely counts as among the skeevier public awareness campaigns out there (but hey, if that's what it takes, then that's what it takes). But Bars?!?! Why not hand those coasters to the bouncers, hostesses, and wait staff of Virginia?

More seriously, why not emphasize the illegality of it all in conjunction with the general predatory pervitude involved. As it sits now, a "Isn't She a Little Young?" coaster or napkin is more of a sad little pick-up line than an effective public decency campaign. This is certainly a terrible problem- for more reasons than anyone would care to list- with nothing positive to be said for it. A serious problem that requires a serious solution, rather than a solution which reminds yours truly of the pathetic "Act Like You Know" campaign at dear Alma Mater. Cutesy slogans get attention, yes. But do they get the desired results? Or do they "cuteify" the original problem?

Also, doesn't this promotion work at cross purposes from the venerable "Virginia is for Lovers" slogan? Maybe modify it- "Virginia is for ^Mature Lovers" or "Virginia is for ^Legal Lovers"?


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