Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Meandering Observations of Ack!

Beware Brood X! The 17 year Cicada is coming. And this particular breed of Cicada is called Brood X. Which has the utmost disturbing feel when you learn:
After more than 16 years underground, periodical cicadas will begin emerging in late May or early June, as soon as the soil warms up... the bugs - up to two inches long, with orange-veined wings and red beady eyes ... during the last emergence of Brood X, in 1987, concentrations of the bugs reached as high as 100 per square yard. "I calculated that in the greater Cincinnati area alone there were something like five billion of them," he said.
Pause to note. 5 billion in Cincinnati. 6 billion humans on earth.
Scientists don't know precisely why the species are synchronized, but suspect it has much to do with protection from predators ... Brood X (like the Super Bowl and royalty, cicada broods are rendered in Roman numbers) may satiate predators the most. It is the largest brood, and while birds may eat them and people may squash them, billions (emphasis added- ed) of them will survive ... Brood X has spent the past 16 years as nymphs ... In a few weeks, the nymphs, now nearly adult size, will start to build tunnels to the surface in preparation for their great escape.
This is unnatural. 16 years underground. Unspeakable. I'm just horrified.


In completely unrelated news- and I do mean completely unrelated- JLo's mother apparently won $2.4 million from the one-armed bandits in Atlantic City, NJ this past weekend. Her plans for the money? A portion will be used to "start a $100,000 college fund for her two grandchildren." What about Jenny from the Block? Think she could pony up a little for her nephews/ nieces? And then, all of them, just go away. Away from the news for at least 5 years until it's time for her "Where Are They Now?" special.


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