Wednesday, February 04, 2004

With priorities like these...

The Washington Post highlights budget items the Bush administration has scheduled for cuts in the 2005 budget

Comprehensive School Reform grants for low-income schools. 2004: $234 million; 2005: 0. Leaving No Child Behind since...

Community Development Block Grants. 2004: $334 million; 2005: 0. (Block grants to states, should be a Republican pet so long as states don't get too liberal with the money. Oops.)

Brownfields Redevelopment. 2004: $25 million; 2005: 0. eh, Just sprawl it.

Homeland Security first responders. 2004: $4.37 billion; 2005: $3.56 billion. (This is a typo, right?)

Election Reform. 2004: $1.49 billion; 2005: $65 million. (In fairness, election reform in 2005 is pretty useless. The symbolism, however, priceless.)


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