Sunday, February 01, 2004

Joe Lieberman Death Watch, Day #4

Remember Campaign 2000? Joe's Senate seat was up for re-election. Joe was the Democrats vice-presidential nominee. Joe was faced with a tough choice. Connecticut's ethically challenged and Republican Governor John Rowland (he's not even good at hiding his graft) would get to appoint the Senator to Lieberman's seat should he win both elections. The Senate race nationwide was shaping up to be among the closest in history (indeed, it worked out to be precisely that- the closest ever). Joe could have dropped out of the Senate race, allowing the Democrats to run a candidate guaranteed to serve the term if elected or he could stay in the race. In a fit of leaderhsip, Joe chose to run for both offices. Guaranteeing either a Republican President or a Republican Senator from Connecticut.

The ability to make the tough choices. That's what America loves about you Joe. Time for you to make another one. I know you can do it.


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