Monday, February 02, 2004

Intelligence Probe? Bush administration?

Nice work on Dana Milbank's part giving the story behind the news. In short, Bush has ordered a review/ probe/ investigation of pre-war intelligence failures when compared to reality. The main goals of the administration are political appearances- not seeming weak and inviting criticism, etc. Excelpt Milbank misses a point:

Bush has lately found many of his rationales for the war in Iraq being challenged. Just as Kay has undermined the WMD rationale, a report published by the Army War College challenged the notion that the war in Iraq was part of the overall war on terrorism, while the group Human Rights Watch has disputed Bush's notion that the Iraq war was a humanitarian mission. Vice President Cheney has implicitly acknowledged that the Iraq war has not spurred peace in the Middle East, saying peace is not possible while Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat remains in power.

He forgot Colin Powell admitting that there were no meaningful links between al Qaeda and Iraq. What's left?


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