Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Books. The damn Books.

They'll get you every time. Particularly in our modern multiple news cycles in a day, everything reported becomes both more permanent (or at least, a bit easier to find in the archivals) and more transient (the article you read might not be in the same spot tomorrow, good luck finding it again) era of ours. But books. They're a stumbling block. There is a lag between authoring and publishing. They are on paper and harder to make 'disappear.' At least, that is, until the e-book takes over. Which might not happen soon enough for the Bush administration.

It seems a forthcoming book, Bush vs. the Beltway: How the CIA and the State Department Tried to Stop the War on Terror by Laurie Mylroie is no longer "on message" with current events. Or, as Josh Marshall puts it, zigging when they have switched to zagging. Discrediting Mylorie will be both simple and difficult (simple in that she is nutty, difficult in that she is connected and useful and a building block for much of their other work).

Makes me wonder what other books are out there which might gum up the relentlessly spinning (which is a kind way to put it) ways of the administration.


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