Monday, January 26, 2004

"This is my chance to help this lady put some money in her pocket"

The little photo-op/ weirdness in New Mexico last week between Bush, the Press, and some ribs struck me as odd and pathetic at first. I also learned that the President has apparently run out of nicknames and is spreading the moniker "Stretch" among several members of the press corps. Maybe he's traveling in wider circles than he was when he began this nicknaming business (or we can rely on other explanations as appropriate). Now the Rib Trip is a metaphor. Seems President Bush doesn't tip (scroll down to "The Ribbing, Part II"). Initially, it was a sad window into the relations between the President and the press- they're asking him petulant questions which have nothing to do with the current moment (if I were the President, I'd act weird and condescending toward them too in this instance) and he's playing to score economy and normal guy points. In a rather dopey manner. But now. Sure it was just takeout, but that's not an excuse. Not when you're trying to deliver an economics lesson.

Mister "spend some money and help the economy out" didn't bother to leave a tip. Which means the restaurant owner (i.e. capitalist) gets his profit, the worker gets his/her base wage (and as a waitress that's a really base wage). And Bush aims to walk away smellying good. Apparently "this lady" is the owner not an employee. But we should have known that already. Welcome to Bush's America where workers get shafted at every opportunity and money in their pockets is a correctible accident.


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