Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I could attempt to analyze the particular phenomena of Joementum (I'm unclear whether this should be followed by an ! at all times but it might not matter)- the perception or appearance of movement without any actual progress occuring. A drunk on a treadmill would be the more graphic depiction. But we can eschew all that tough thinking stuff (whew!) and simply say this:

That's it. We can now (finally?) officially declare him over, right?* Although I imagine Smokin' Joe will carry on for another week or so- one might call it Level VIII on the Levels of Losing scale. Hell, even his mom gets it (Headline: Even His Mom Wonders Why Lieberman 'Didn't Catch On').

* So, yes. I may be a little bitter after watching at least two candidates drop out before Lieberman immediately after declaring Lieberman the front-runner in the "next to drop out" primary.


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