Monday, December 01, 2003

You were really missed

I'd like to note my support for the return of lyrical music. I'm probably a bit belated in my recognition, but hey, that's me. It's nice to see that the words matter for their message more than their rhythm or shock value, or whatever the reason was once again. The music is real (i.e. produced by instruments) and somewhat stripped down. The overwhelming band/ stage sets, out. Synthesized lip syncers and their back up dancers who are truly nothing without their sound and lights shows, out. These are all fine ways of providing entertainment (and making money) but not my idea of art.

Replace them with a guy or girl and their guitar, and some simple words belying something deeper. It's too bad for Jewel that she jumped into her electronica style just as her core talent powered its comeback. Welcome back lyric driven music. I've missed you.


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