Sunday, December 21, 2003

Most Amazing Post Ever

The importance of random acts of kindness, as well as their non-random kin, cannot be overstated nor can the need for more be exaggerated. That said and out of the way, what the world really needs is more Random Acts of Hilarity.

Why? Because laughter is said to be the best medicine. Because it makes us not strangers. Because we realize we're not just passers by, but co-inhabitants. Because we want to, even if just a little bit (or at least we should). Because extended laughter seems like it might be a good ab exercise(?). Because spreading humor and smiles is kindness. Because the liberation will remind you what living is really about. Because there's no reason. And no reason not to.

update: Upon doing some "research" (code for a lazy Google search) into the matter, I am both encouraged and disheartened; slightly more than 10 pages are produced by the search.


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