Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Last Fiver 'til next year!

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
Either getting the new job or buying the car.

2. What was your biggest disappointment?
Leaving the old job or wrecking the old car. Or letting the year slip by without realizing where it was going.

3. What do you hope the new year brings?
Inspiration, joy, and further carefree steps toward the trappings of adulthood

4. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions? If yes, what will they be?
I resolve to be less flaky and more committal. And to meaningfully give a damn again.

5. What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
We'll have to see how the threatening cold develops, but hopefully a night out so filled with fun that I miss the moment we're celebrating.


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