Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Computers Do Everything Else, Why Not This Too?

Can't decide who should get your vote? Do what any informed voter should do... let a website pick your candidate for you.

I'm a big skeptical of the process- particularly the questions which identify particular interest groups. In a battle between a smokestack (and I do mean a simple smokestack spewing for the hell of it, not a metaphor for industry or anything like that) and the League of Conservation Voters, I'll side with the LCV. Against anything less stereotypically evil than a smokestack and I come down somewhere in between. I'll certainly lean toward the conservationists (an argument for another day, other than to say that conflating more with necessarily better is deeply erroneous) but come down somewhere inbetween. This lack of polarization on my part does not make the issue unimportant to me however.

The choices available are imperfect, but they beat the hell out of letting the so-called Gang of 500 (the press charged with covering the campaign and campaigns) inform my selection. To them, policy is a nap break between the interesting sentences they take out of context and blow out of proportion. Maybe I'm not so skeptical about the Presidential Candidate Selector afterall.


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