Thursday, November 13, 2003

So Long Roy, Wish we Never Knew Ye

In a proper close to an unfortunate chapter in the history of the state of Alabama (though, considering it's Alabama history* we're talking about, it's not that unfortunate of a chapter), Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court was removed today for his defiance of a court order. To this day, Roy is unrepentant, convinced that he did the right thing. Roy has stated that, "given another chance to fulfill the court order, he again would refuse to do so." My question is, does the same hold for the voters of Alabama? If given the chance to re-elect Roy, would they? Fortunately, both Senators are Republicans, the Governor is Republican (and only 1 year into his term), and the Attorney General is being filibustered in the Senate. Hopefully, we won't get the chance to fnd out how Alabamians come down on this.

* Original Capitol of the Confederacy, George Wallace, and Jim Crow.


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