Thursday, October 02, 2003

Truth for a Change?

Busy day. I'm actually ok with the cronyism that's going on in Iraq. Well, I'm not actually ok with it. But I accept that this administration will engage in cronyism, and might as well let the cronies screw up some other country rather than mine.

And I'm encouraged by the truth telling it's bringing out. For example:

"Getting the rights to distribute Procter & Gamble products would be a gold mine," said one of the partners at New Bridge who did not want to be named. "One well-stocked 7-Eleven could knock out 30 Iraqi stores; a Wal-Mart could take over the country," he said.

Isn't that what the buy local movement has been saying for years now? Again, accepting that it's going to happen, better there than here.


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