Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A Political Revival?

I don't know if the term is out there yet, but this column from the American Prospect reminded me... Political Revival. That is what we need and that may be what Dean is providing, generating. It was remarked about Dean, either shortly before or shortly after his money surge in June and July garnered him heavy coverage and front runner status, that what is truly different about the Dean Campaign is the people. Namely, that they are there. It has become far too common an event that more people stand behind the candidate on the platform (where they appear on camera) than people stand in the ostensible audience. And Dean is changing this. Certainly his use of Meet-up has helped. But doesn't explain it (anyone other candidate can run meet-ups).

I'm certainly not trying to say that Dean is a candidate with all the answers... a Messiah if you will. I don't know if I agree exactly with any of his positions, I don't know if he's the candidate closest to my political wishes. Whether I ultimately pick Dean or one of the other candidates, I'm quite sure Dean is the only candidate for whom I would work and the only candidate to whom I would consider donating money. I may pull the lever (to use an outdated metaphor) for Edwards, Clark, Gephardt, etc, but that's all they'll get out of me. Maybe I'm alone in that regard.

Whether Dean is providing a Political Revival or not, that is precisely what this country needs. To awaken from its slumber of letting the political class (on both sides) continue through the forest thinking they know the way. We are fasting approaching a point where the leadership of this country cannot lead. The people must, for just a little while, light the way, to re-orient the political class (be it the existing or a new political class). And before we can do that, we must rise up from the back of the bus. We must be revived. Both in the slumbering sense and in the religious sense. To awaken, and to believe again.


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