Friday, October 31, 2003

Hey, I'm a number cruncher!

So Bush is warming up a victory lap after last quarter's strong overall economic growth. Apparently, Bush (until yesterday) has been in the business of semi-deriding his government's statistical analyses (among others). Which, when we get right down to it, makes sense given the man and his administration. Facts, statistics, rigorous procedures, well, they can only slow you down. We would never have gone to war if someone had bothered to pack the facts. What mostly draws my attention and moves me to type are the following old quotes from the Nicknamer in Chief:
Bush was decidedly more upbeat about the economic figures than usual. Often, he has dismissed the statistics as the work of "number crunchers" and "bean counters" that interests him little. "I know the numbers are beginning to look better, but, you know, I leave the numbers for the statisticians and the bean counters," he said early last year. At another point last year, he said, "We're seeing some encouraging signs of recovery, but I want to tell you something: I'm not a numbers cruncher. I'm not one of these bean counters."

Reading these "thoughts," I am reminded of the Steve Martin movie, The Jerk (search for "eggplants"). Hey, I'm a number cruncher. They hand out nobels for this shit. The creation of the national accounts... considered the most important economic innovation of the 20th century. Nice to see he has little use for number crunchers and bean counters.
Actually, this shouldn't be a surprise. Here's a man who understands fuzzy math better than 2+2=4. A former CEO and America's first MBA president. Hell, Florida. Numbers are only there to get in the way of an otherwise good time.


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