Thursday, August 21, 2003

Were governance entertainment he still wouldn't be fit

The first order of business is California, the recall, and, ufnortunately Schwarzen... whatever. First of all, a comment on the misplaced rhetoric of "the will of the people has been heard" sentiment. In short, no. The will of the people is may be heard after the Oct. 7 recall (normally will rather than may would be appropriate here, but let's not go setting expectations too high). Right now, all that has been heard is the desire of a small percentage of Californians to screw around with normal operation of government.

That said, the Washington Post gets it. The New York Times doesn't. Look at their articles on Schwarzen... whatever's press conference yesterday. No link to the Times because the article is boring and only peripherally informative. The Post, however, provides voice. Try:

"Standing before 30 television news cameras, Schwarzenegger appeared forceful and animated. He made no gaffes."

Well there's a measure of a man: He made no gaffes. Or, my favorite:

"He also said he would bring in a private accounting company (rather than the California Department of Finance) to go through the state books and produce a firm assessment of how deeply in debt the state really is. "I teach my kids: Don't spend money you don't have," he said. Schwarzenegger made $56 million in the past two tax years."

Arnold should just shut his trap.


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