Thursday, August 21, 2003

Alabama's star is coming off my flag

Today's other, ahem, riveting story comes to us from Alabama. The thumbnail: 'Bama Chief Justice Roy Moore surreptiously had monuments of the Ten Commandments displayed in the state Court House last November. Predictably, lawsuits were filed in response. Even more predictably, the courts (federal in this instance) have ordered the monument removed. Our boy Roy has a history of disobeying court orders regarding the display of the Ten Commandments. Briefly, a few questions come to mind
a) why is this guy being portrayed as a hero to any segment of the population
b) why is this guy not getting recalled, I mean, he is actually using his office to violate the law, and
c) who the hell votes for a judge with a history of ignoring court orders?
This is beyond me.

Regarding Moore's supporters, the Post offers the following quote from a F.O.R.:

"They've been coming down here and ruling and running things since I was a kid . . . they're always trying to tell us how to run things," said Pete Moran of tiny Adger, north of Montgomery, who leaned against the court's elegant columns to pray. "They'll have to move me out of the way to take the Ten Commandments."

Those damn feds, first the come down to protect the blacks, now this. Where do they get off? Here's a hint: If you didn't elect people bent on one form of persecution or another, then maybe the feds would leave you alone. And while the fight for Civil Rights are on the table, I'm also quite fond of the attempt to link Ol' Roy's plight (as it were) to the efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, exactly, because this is the modern day form of segregation.

The fact that Moore is being compared to long ago (but not long enough ago) Gov. George Wallace is troubling. The fact that this is considerred a positive, rather than damning comparison, is truly ominous.


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